Production & Quality Control

Production management monitor the production and the quality control, starting from the raw materials, up to the finished products as per below steps:
– raw Materials checking before starting the mass production;
– during production quality control (dupro) according to AQL Military Standard:

1st DUPRO at 10% goods ready

2nd DUPRO at 50% goods ready

Final Random Inspection (FRI), based on AQL Military Standard, performed before the shipment at 100% goods ready

Nitormedia performs all necessary laboratory tests needed to verify the compliance of the produced items following all safety international requirements through the most qualified and certified Testing Companies.

Import, Shipping & Logistic Department

The main issues of Logistic Department are:
– Pre-shipping booking and container loading;
– handling of all custom formalities;
– Delivery to Customer.

Basing on specific Customer requests, the logistic department is able to perform, in cooperation with Nitormedia Partners, the following delivery services:
– delivery to final Customer Warehouse;
– delivery to Distribution centers;
– delivery to Point of Sales (POS).

Upon request, the Logistic department is able to deliver any goods quantity to specific destinations according to the size and the needing of the single POS.

Nitormedia Working procedure:
– visit the Customer with a presentation of all Nitormedia services;
– study and discussing customer’s brief together with Customer’s marketing department;
– presentation of creative and graphic proposals basing on meeting result;
– arrangement within 15 days of the samples basing on graphic proposals selected;
– finalizing order and further details.

Order development

Principal steps:
– production start-up and follow-up in accordance with the agreed timing;
– quality controls followed by both Italian and Chinese staffs performed during all productions steps;
– inspections before shipment performed by Third Party;
– delivery to Customers within agreed timing.


Nitormedia respect the following criteria:
– all materials and products are tested and approved according to the International and European security requirement;
– all products are properly labelled according to the concerning law marks;
– all toys and items suitable for children are manufactured following the most restricted CE and international regulations;
– all production sites comply with social audit standards.